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Eleventh Grade Timeline

Info for Current Eleventh Grade Students
   What to do in eleventh grade to prepare for your future: A Timeline

  • Review transcript and schedule for graduation requirements.
  • Begin a personal information sheet or resume to include all activities.
  • Continue to take classes to enhance future plans.
  • Continue to research career options.


  • Identify sources of university, college, technical college information.
  • Continue to research career options.
  • Learn to use if you have not used it previously.
  • Pick up and read the PSAT/NMSQT Student Bulletin.


  • Start to research post-secondary training.
  • Attend college PROBE fair (check with counselor for dates).
  • Take PSAT - Many merit scholarships and Governor's Honors require a junior year score.


  • Review requirements for dual enrollment, ACCEL (formerly PSO) with counselor.
  • Meet with college admissions representatives.


  • Review PSAT scores with counselor and parents.
  • Obtain testing schedule for SAT I, ACT, and SAT II.
  • Research military options if appropriate.


  • Meet with college/military recruiters.


  • Update your resume.
  • Begin to assemble your list of colleges.
  • Accumulate information about each post-secondary institution.
  • Pre-register for senior year courses.
  • Consider a work-study program in your field of interests.


  • Register for the SAT I or SAT II if you plan to attend a four year college or university.
  • Use, GCIS and to identify possible financial aid sources.
  • Consider college visits during spring break.
  • Begin to explore summer programs or employment.


  • Continue to explore summer programs or employment.
  • Continue to accumulate information about post-secondary institutions.
  • Continue to identify possible financial aid sources.


  • Take the AP exams if appropriate.
  • Take SAT I or ACT.
  • Athletes should register with NCAA if you plan to play at a Division I or II college.


  • Take the SAT I if you did not take it in May.
  • Take the SAT II if appropriate.
  • Obtain and begin to work on college applications.