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Senior Year Timeline

Senior Year Timeline

   Timeline for Senior Year

Senior Night Information : August 30th, 2018, CCHS Cafeteria, 6 PM


  • Review graduation status.
  • Check schedule for appropriate classes.
  • Continue to take academically challenging classes.
  • Continue to work on college applications.
  • Make military contacts, check selective service status.
  • Update resume.


  • Continue to save money.
  • Become familiar with job search skills and the application process.
  • Register for the SAT I, ACT or SAT II if appropriate.
  • Distribute teacher/counselor recommendation forms if required.
  • Continue research for financial aid.
  • Continue to work on college applications.
  • Process Early Action and Early Decision applications.
  • Double check deadlines.
  • Meet with college admission representatives.


  • Take SAT I or SAT II and/or ACT if appropriate.
  • Attend PROBE college fair.
  • Pinpoint your career options.
  • Narrow your college choices to five.
  • Apply to colleges with rolling admissions.
  • Begin a job search if appropriate.
  • Become familiar with the interview process.
  • Maintain contact with military recruiter if appropriate.


  • Continue with post-secondary planning.
  • Review and follow significant deadlines.
  • Consider taking the SAT or ACT (consult with counselor for advice).


  • Take SAT if required by post-secondary school.
  • Submit all applications with January 1 deadlines.
  • Receive acceptance from schools with rolling admissions.


  • Organize job search if appropriate.
  • Observe deadlines for admissions, financial aid, testing, and housing deposits.
  • Pick up financial aid packets from counseling office.
  • Complete and file the FAFSA or CSS Profile and FAFSA.
  • Request midyear reports be sent to colleges if required.


  • Pay attention to deposit deadlines for colleges.
  • Maintain good grades.
  • Check selective service status.


  • Receive acceptance/rejection letters from colleges.
  • Continue to seek scholarships.
  • Begin job application process if applicable.


  • Finalize college selection.
  • Keep counselor informed about college acceptance, job, or military status.
  • Begin job interview process.


  • Write thank you notes to people who wrote recommendations for you.
  • Request final transcript be sent after graduation if appropriate.
  • Write thank you notes to local organizations who awarded scholarships to you if applicable.

Happy Graduation!