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The Plagiarism and Copyright Page

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What is Plagiarism? by Rutgers University- a short video created by Rutgers University to define plagiarism.

Teaching Innovation and Pedagogical Support: Using Bloom's Taxonomy to the design of research projects.

Copyright Comics-an online comic book about copyright and plagiarism.

Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians

University of Michigan Guide: Teaching, Scholarship, Copyright and Movies

Purdue's Owl Plagiarism Overview-a resource offering advice on how to avoid plagiarism

Cyberbee- an online question and answer game concerning copyright.

plagiarismdotOrg- types of plagiarism, tips for plagiarism prevention, citation information and more.

The Copyright Website-"the ultimate copyright portal for real world, practical copyright information".

You Quote It, You Note It!-Acadia University's tutorial on plagiarism.

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