Colquitt County High School

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Customizing Destiny

To add a background image to your Destiny home page, insert the following html code at the top of  the 'edit introductory text' text box:

<body background="/portals/colquitt/high1/yourimagelocation.jpg">

The image must be uploaded to a location on your website. It works as a link and the image does tile.

To add a scrolling marquee, insert the following html code in the same text box:
<div align="center"><FONT
color="black" size="+1"><MARQUEE bgcolor="white"
direction="left" loop="20" width="75%"><STRONG>Insert words you want to say here  <STRONG></MARQUEE></FONT></DIV>

To add sounds in your catalog, after you have decided on  a wav file on your computer 2 seconds or less, go to Back Office, Site Configuration, Circulation and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see a section titled Circulation Sounds. Click change and then upload the wav file you have chosen for that task. If the wav file is longer, edit first in a program such as audacity to make it the correct length to work for the catalog.