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Mandated Reporting

Report By Email, Fax, or Online
You can make a report of suspected abuse by email or fax. The Georgia Mandated Reporter Form is to be used by mandated reporters who wish to report electronically - either by email ([email protected]) or by fax (229-317-9663). It is to be completed by mandated reporters themselves. Click here to download the Georgia Mandated Reporter Form. 

Mandated reporters can also complete the Georgia Mandated Reporter Form online by clicking here. A private code is required to access the form. To locate the code that identifies your job or profession, click here to view the list. If you make a report electronically, you do not need to make an additional report by phone.

General Teaching Resources

Colquitt County Chamber of Commerce Speakers

Local business and community leaders willing to speak to your students..From the Chamber of Commerce... "We want to encourage teachers to use the wonderful resources we have in our community. Many teachers, especially in the lower grades don't realize that they have the opportunity to tap into the knowledge of many of our businesses and community leaders. We hope that this guide will help them."

Colquitt County Association of Educators

Instructional Technology Website

Online Resources for Learning Focused Activities:

Learning Focused Website

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